Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Catchphrase Where's my food?
Weapon claws
Gender Female
Race demi-human, cat
Organization Kaka clan
Origins Kaka village



Catgirl. 'nuff said. (talkin crap on mai waifu eh?) 

She is also the best Air Comboer in the game.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5A A standing paw sweep jab
5B A standing knee One of the fastest moves in the game. Cancels into many combo starters.
5C Tao pokes in front of her with a claw Good poke. Can combo with 6C on counter. Chargeable.
2A A low paw swipe Another of the fastest moves in the game. Prorates heavily.
2B A low slide forward Good for mixup. Can be canceled into from 5B.
5D  ? This makes Taokaka rush toward her ennemy while her claws are ready to connect an attack with no warranty of reaching your opponent if she is too far away.

All of her drives will make her rush toward her ennemy usually quite fast. Taokaka while not aim for her opponent as she moves forward, she will follow a path that is determined by the direction inputed at the same time as the D button.

Regardless of the variation of her drive she is using, the player can press either A, B or C while she is moving and 4 while the hit connects to add even more variety to her movements.

Every variation hits only once, does not knock down and can only trigger a normal counter.

4D  ? Taokaka basksteps and then jumps on her ennemy. The lenght of her jump can be slightly controlled if the player holds 4 to shorten it or 6 to jump further.
2D  ? Taokaka jumps at roughly 45 degrees forward untill she reaches about the top of the srceen.
5D (midair)  ? Taokaka dashes forward with a slight downward angle. She will go on until she reaches the ground or until the player inputs A, B or C.

Perfoming a drive in midair counts as an air mobility action (just like an air dashes and air jumps) which means they are limited.

4D (midair)  ? Taokaka quickly lands back on the ground and then rushes toward the ennemy. This attack will always make Taokaka advance as far as possible.
2D (midair)  ? Basically the same as D (midair) but this time the downward angle is roughly 45 degrees.
8D (midair)  ? Basically the same as 2D but performed midair.
Distortion Drives
236236D Cat Person's Secret Art: Hexa Edge Toakaka moves forward while performing 5 slashes with her claws. The last slash deals the most damage out of them while the 4 others are equally powerfull.
214214C I'm ma beat the crap outta you! Taokaka jumps at the foe to lock it to the ground and then performs 40 really fast hits and then hit the opponent one last time to launch it straight upward in the air. This last hit is actually the only one that deals any dammage.
236236B Almost Becoming Two! Taokaka creates a clone of herself that will last for 8 seconds. This clone will performs every single move Taokaka does with a little delay.
Astral Finish
4(charge)128D Attack Meow Pow! Tao jumps back onto a wall, then jumps forward to her opponent. If it hits, she knocks her opponent around the stage, using Kaka kittens as pinball bumpers, then finally jumps up to her opponent and right before she is about to deal the finishing blow, Jubei coming flying in at insane speeds to save (!?) the enemy from the killing blow.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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