Litchi Faye-Ling
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Weapon Bo Staff (AKA Stripper pole), and large meat bags
Gender Female
Race Human
Organization Sector Seven
Origins China


Litchi has two stances: staff and staffless. With the staff she has very few gatlings so her pressure game is very weak, but in exchange she gets long range pokes with priority. While staffless, Litchi loses her range and much of her priority but her mix-up game opens up. The idea with Litchi is to use her staff stance to take advantage of her range and priority to get a hit on the opponent and bring them to the corner with a single combo. Once there you will use her staffless stance to pressure your opponents until their guard is broken or they escape. In essence Litchi takes advantage of long range pokes, screen control with her Drive and Distortion supers, and strong corner pressure and mixups. She is also execution intensive so you must have good dexterity with whatever input device you are using (controller or joystick) in order to bring out Litchi's potential to the fullest.

Litchi like all other characters has a unlimited mode avaliable to her. But, compared to other characters, Litchi changes greatly. She now has a character special gauge that is indicated as two zeros in the area where special gauges are. The two zeroes can be increased up to 10. The way to do this is to hit with Litchis D(medium) over attack (when she kicks and the staff follows her leg). This gauge ties in with her 3 dragon moves. As long as you have a number on the gauge Litchis dragon moves will be altered and very poweful and more easily comboed. They will now enshroud her in fwhite flame and become very diffrent (more hits and diffrent looks, sets oponent on fire) In this unlimited mode Litchis dash while she has her staff becomes a superfast moving shadow that phases through enemy attacks. In addition to this all her moves gain power (as with all characters) and she gains a rather secret move that when used acts as another buff to her newly gained guage and blocks any oncoming attack.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5A[m] Mid Does not combo into anything unless it is counterhit or the opponent was crouching. In certain cases this is your anti-air. Not JCable.
5B[m] Mid Your main poke that leads into many combo opportunities. The staff is considered part of your hitbox. JCable even on block. Vulnerable to sweeps.
5C[m] Mid Two-hit move that is used as a follow-up after 5B[m] for combos. This move can also be used as an early poke for moves that 5B[m] cannot beat such as the sweeps mentioned above. It is JCable only on hit -- not on blocks.
6A[m] High Overhead. Manten return state. The staff is considered part of the overhead in addition to Litchi's arms.
6B[m] Mid Half-screen poke tool primarily used to fish for counterhits. On CH it has wallbounce properties. Only cancels into 6C[m]. Can be used for kara-throws. Has Manten return state
6B(hold)[m] --- 6B feint. Spins Litchi forward.
6C[m] Mid
2A[m] Mid Only combos into 5B[m] on counterhit or crouching opponents.
2B[m] Low Half-screen low poke tool. This can combo into 6A, 6B, ItsuuC, or 6428C super if spaced correctly. One of two non-special lows with staff.
2C[m] Mid A telegraphed anti-air. Can be used for kara-throws.
3C[m] Low Has Manten return state. Has a blind spot up-close. Mostly used in combos after 5C[m].
j.A[m] High Hits above Litchi. Used to cover the areas that j.B[m] and j.C[m] do not hit.
j.B[m] High Split-kick with high cross-up potential. An air-to-ground poke.
j.C[m] High An air-to-air poke. On counterhit it wallbounces for combo opportunities.
5D --- Sets staff on ground. Hit D again to make the staff fly. Trajectory goes upwards towards the direction Litchi was facing, then down to the floor, then back towards Litchi.
2D --- Sets staff on ground. Hit D again to make the staff fly. Trajectory follows the floor in the direction Litchi was facing, then back towards Litchi. The main staff trajectory you want for extending combos.
j.D --- Throws staff diagonally towards ground with an active hitbox. Hit D again to make the staff fly. Follows 2D trajectory.
j.2D --- Throws staff below Litchi with an active hitbox. Has a second hit with Litchi's foot if you cross-up the opponent. Hit D again to make the staff fly. Follows 5D trajectory.
623D[m] Mid Her dragon punch, Tsubame Gaeshi. Litchi throws her staff up (doing 3 hits) and then the staff falls from the top of the screen for a final 4th hit. The staff will be placed on the ground after it lands and it will follow the 2D trajectory when you recall it. Used as a normal DP and also as a combo extender.
421D, 623D --- Moves the placed staff a short direction. Used to cancel delays for combos. May be used in the air.
41236D[m], A B or C Low, Mid, Anti-air Staff spins around Litchi causing guard point during the first 41236D part of the spacial. This special can be extended to an attack by pressing A, B, or C. This will send out your stick as a projectile-based attack that hits low, mid, or into the air respectively.
236A Low Three dragons: Haku
236B Mid Three dragons: Hatsu
236C High Three dragons: Chun
41236D Mid Will cause the staff to spin into a circular projectile doing up to 4 hits. Will travel in the direction of the opponent. The way how you set the staff (5D or 2D) will determine the path that the projectile follows.
63214A, A B or C --- Litchi hop onto the top of her staff. From here, she can do overhead swipes using A, B or C. The strenght of the button determines the properties of the swipe: the A-version does the lowest amount of damage but come out the fastest. This move is used in Litchi high-damage "Ippatsu loop" staffless combos. Also, her Astral Finish must be performed while on this staff.
63214B --- Litchi hops towards her staff, and hurls it towards the opponent, the staff remains set.
63214C --- Litchi hops at her staff, and rebound off of it towards the opponent.
Distortion Drives
632146D[m] Mid The Great Wheel: Projectile, you can input up to 6 extra commands by pressing D and a direction to make the staff move along a fixated path, causing extra hits along the way to the opponent. Once all staff has finished traveling its path, it will try to track the opponent and fall down at which point the staff will be placed on the ground. It will follow the 5D trajectory when you recall it.
632146D Mid Thirteen Orphans: Projectile, the staff from wherever it is set sprouts limbs and begins punching in the direction of the opponent. Useful for okizeme.
6428C Mid All Green: A quick distortion drive that hits the next frame after the Distortion Flash freeze. Has a fixed hitbox and will not hit directly in front of Litchi nor too far away. Knocks the opponent high and bounces them off the wall. Commonly used for stopping IADs, jump outs, backdashes, and zoners.
Astral Finish
4(charge) 6D Nine Gates Involves 99 hits.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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just spam

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