Ky Kiske
Vital statistics
Appearance GGXX#Reload ;GGXXAC
Weapon Fuuraiken (Lightning Sword)
Gender Male
Race Human
Organization International Police Force, Holy Order of the Sacred Knights
Origins France


Utilizing the power of lightning, Ky is unable to deliver massive amount of damage, but can maintain a keep-away or lock-down game.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
236 S or H Stun Edge Lightning projectile.
236 D Charged Stun Edge 3-hit large lightning projectile.
j.236 S or H Air Stun Edge Lightning projectile that drops sharply (S) or shallowly (H).
j.236 D Air Charged Stun Edge 3-hit large lightning projectile aimed 45 degrees down.
(j.)623 S or H Vapor Thrust rising upward arc attack (uppercut).
follow H Rising Javelin follow-up to Vapor Thrust.
236 K Stun Dipper sliding 2-hit attack.
214 K Greed Saber overhead arcing attack.
222 H Lightning Strike summons lightning upon downed opponent.
Force Breaks
214 D (during Charged Stun Edge) Lightning Sphere Turns Charged Stun Edge into a 3-hit stationary ball of lightning. Uses 25% tension.
follow 46 D Charge Drive Follow-up attack to Lightning Sphere; sword thrust. Uses additional 25% tension (minimum 50% to attempt).
(j.)632146 H Ride the Lightning Rushes forward covered in lightning.
236236 P Sacred Edge 5-hit lightning project.
Instant Kill
236236 H Rising Force sword thrust.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic Strategy Edit

Combos Edit


Greed Saber (214 K) -> 5S -> 2H -> Vapor Thrust (623 H)

Greed Saber (214 K) -> 5S -> j.Cancel -> j.K -> j.S -> j.Cancel -> j.S -> j.H -> Vapor Thrust (623 H)

Throw (6/4 H) -> RC -> 6P -> 5S -> j.Cancel -> j.K -> j.S -> j.Cancel -> j.S -> j.H -> Vapor Thrust (623 H)

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