Iron Tager
Tager bust
Iron Tager (TR-0009)
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Catchphrase You dodged?!
Weapon Voltic Battler
Gender Male
Race Robot/Humanoid
Organization Sector Seven
Origins Unknown
Tier Low


Tager is, to put it lightly, powerful. A large hulking man, Tager seems imposing and is. He is ranked very low in the tier list, but can be quite a terror if you know how to use him. The one thing besides his power that makes him fearsome is the status effect that he inflict when using his specials and certain non-special moves. This status effect is known as charge (or magnetize, if you so prefer). It makes the enemy crackle with a static energy and whenever you execute one of Tager's specials (or certain non-specials) the enemy will be drawn into the attack. This creates a very good WOP (Wall of Pain), meaning you can continuously draw the opponent in and hit, meaning endless magnetization. Despite no range to his moves (only one ranged move which relies on a full meter) he plays an EXCELLENT anti-air game. Any of his attacks that are angled upward can easily knock an opponent out of the air (due to his long and large arms). All in all, Tager is a character for the specialist. You really have to know how to use him to be effective. He is slow and, due to his size, has a large hitbox, not to mention he can only jump once. However, his unlimited mode makes up for these shortcomings. In unlimited mode he gains a double jump (surprisingly high for his size), a high speed run that gains momentum as he continues to run. He also gains a second Electric meter bar making it easier to use moves that consume the bar.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5 A
Your average mid-height poke. One of Tager's faster moves, so use mainly to slow rushdowns or stuff fast moves. Be aware, however, that this move will whiff characters that are low to the ground. Opens up several combo opportunities on counter-hit.
2 A
Another basic poke. In some matchups, this functions as Tager's main anti-air. Opens up several combo opportunities on counter-hit.
6 A
A farily fast move that pulls the opponent in on hit or block. This move is also affected by magnetism, and negates mid-hitting projectiles, making it a possible way to get in, with practice. Useful for extending combos.
5 B
A relatively fast poke. It can OTG opponents after 360s, and functions as a very valuable 720 buffer.
2 B
A low-hitting move. Useful for mixups and its chain into 2C. Another useful 720 buffer, although it is slightly more difficult than 5B.
6 B
A slow overhead. Use occasionally in mixups. Opens up several combo opportunities, and can endlessly chain into itself.
5 C
A very useful move. Deals good damage and opens up several combo opportunities.
6 C
A long-ranged overhead. Vital for OTG combos.
2 C
A situational anti-air. Use occasionally, but only if you know it will hit. Must be barrier guarded in the air to block it.
3 C
A low-hitting poke. Knocks the opponent down.
j. A
A fast, horizontal aerial attack.
j. B
A very useful aerial. Hits airborne and grounded opponents. Useful for its crossup and combo-starting properties.
j. C
A horizontal aerial. Moves Tager forward a little bit.
j. 2C
A very useful aerial. Upon execution, Tager drops to the ground with a full-body hitbox. When used immediately prior to landing, it becomes active immediately. Opens up some good combos.
5 D
A very large, slow poke. Useful in combos and blockstrings, and allows for wall-bounce combos on counter-hit. Useful on occasion as a long-ranged anti-ar on a magnetized opponent.
2 D
A slow move that moves Tager forward a fairly large distance. Not very useful as a stand-alone poke, but functions well as a 720 tick. It is also handy for OTG hits and pessuring magnetized opponents.
j. D
An aerial with a fairly large hit-box. Useful in air to air situations. When used after the peak of Tager's jump, it will be cut short by his landing, pulling magnetized opponents closer and allowing for a 720.
(360) A/B Gigantic Tager Driver A heavily damaging command grab. The A version doesn't do as much damage as the B one, and it isn't quite as fast, but it has a lot of range and the ability to "suck in" magnetized opponents if the button is held for a much longer period of time than the B version. It is also invincible from frames 3-11. The B version, on the other hand, does significantly more damage, comes out faster, and can be combo'd from on most characters, at the expense of the range and invincibility of the A version. Use this move if you instant block or backdash in the middle of a tight pressure string, but otherwise, try to nail the opponent with a combo.
623 C - Delayable Atomic Collider An anti-air grab. It works very well on anticipated jumps, but done too late and it will probably get stuffed. However, this move is extremely useful in combos. When the opponent is airborne and magnetized, this move will "suck" them in for as long as C is held, although the grab will not activate until the button is released. This move is used in a lot of Tager's tech traps as well.
236 A/B Sledge Hammer A useful attack that nullifies projectiles and moves Tager forward. The A version comes out faster, but does not cover much distance. The B version, while it has longer startup, covers a large amount of space and staggers the opponent on hit, leaving them open to a combo.
236 A (after Sledge A/B) Additonal Attack An overhead attack. Not very useful outside of combos, as it is unsafe on block, although it can catch some opponents off guard.
41236 D Spark Bolt A fast-moving projectile that consumes a full energy guage. This move can plow through other projectiles and cause wall-bounce on hit. Because it is a D attack, it will magnetize the opponent on hit or block. Useful for long-distance punishes and in combos. Try not to be too predictable with this.
421 B - Delayable Voltic Charge A move that charges the energy guage for as long as the button is held. When the button is released, an additional chunck will be added to the meter. This move has upper-body invincibility and will automatically guard against all projectiles. As a result, this move makes for an effective buffer into the 720, especially against bursts and aerials.
Distortion Drives
236236 B Magna Tech Wheel A useful super move that has 50 frames of auto-guard. When used against a magnetized opponent, Tager will gravitate towards them, in violation of the laws of physics. Useful in combos and as a counter to jump-ins. On block, it should be RCed and followed-up with pressure or mind games.
236236 B (After MTW) Terra Break In most situations, this follow-up is very useful, as it adds extra non-burstable damage and opens up further combo opportunities.
(720) C Genesic Emerald Tager Buster A highly damaging super grab, and the super you will probably be using most often. Invincible on startup, and can be held to "suck in" magnetized magnetized opponents, although it will not be invincible during this time.
Astral Finish
Hold A+B+C tap D repeatedly King of Tager
Input Attack Quick Notes

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