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See Hokuto no Ken/The Foundation/Notation

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A - (Light) Punch
B - (Light) Kick
C - Hard Punch
D - Hard Kick
E - Boost/Aura
T - Taunt

Common Commands Edit

close 4C or 6C
8 or 9 or 5 or 6 or 2 or 3 + E
Boost - uses Boost gauge to dash forward and/or cancel recovery animation.
4 or 7 or 1 + E hold
Aura Guard - Improved guard at the cost of draining super meter during use.
Heavy Strike - (mostly) unblockable attack that causes stagger.
C+D (hold)
Banishing/Vanishing Strike - launch opponent horizontally away for wall-bounce combos.
Grave Shoot - launch opponent vertically upwards for air combos.
Command Grab
236 C+D
Fatal KO - Available only when opponent's Death [Omen] Star ("suichosei") is shining. A successful hit results in an instant win for the round.

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