I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand, shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!

I am Hakumen. The end has come!

CB011 Hakumen
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue
Catchphrase Waganawa...Hakumen! (I am...Hakumen!)
Weapon Zanma: Ookami
Gender Male
Race Unknown (?)
Organization None
Origins "Edge" of The Boundary
Tier Mid-High (as of CS)


At one point, Hakumen was known as Jin Kisaragi. Somewhere in the time loop caused by the Black Beast, Jin was given the Susanoo Armor by Rachel Alucard who wanted to aid Jin in trying to prevent the Black Beast from terrorizing the world. Having Abandonded his name by the events of Blazblue, Hakumen has one goal and one mission alone : Cleanse the world of evil and prevent the Black Beast from coming to be.


Hakumen is a playable boss character. He has been rebalanced for competitive play and likewise only faintly resembles how he plays as a boss in Arcade mode.

The first thing you will probably notice about Hakumen is the fact that his meter is different from everyone else's; instead of a Heat Gauge measuring from 0-100, he has a star gauge that measures from one to eight stars. This is important because in addition to this, his meter charges differently (incrementally over time). Hakumen also still gains meter from attacking/defending (including hitting his opponent with counters that deal damage) and instant blocking (which adds roughly one third of a star's worth of meter). His specials (not just his Distortion Drives) all require meter. This makes Hakumen a very meter dependent character and, thus, a hard character to win with.

Another thing that makes Hakumen unusual is that he's the only character in the game with on-hit counters (5D, 6D, 2D, j.D and 236236D). These are moves that when successfully connected with an opponent's move result in an unblockable followup. (More on these later)

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5A A quick standing jab. 5 frame startup, +3 on block. Fast startup, but whiffs on most crouching characters.
5B A quick standing kick. 10 frame startup, +0 on block.
5C A downward sword slash. 14 frame startup, -12 on block.
6A A 45 degree headbutt. 11 frame startup, +2 on block, head attribute invincibility. Hakumen's best anti-air. Can gatling into 6B.
6B Hakumen stomps his foot. 13 frame startup, -9 on block, foot attribute invincibility, launches on counter-hit. Must be blocked low.
6C A long range heavy forward slash. 17 frame startup, -14 on block. Can be charged up to a maximum of three levels by holding C. Higher levels have more startup, but do more damage.
2A Hakumen performs a crouching jab with the hilt of his sword. 6 frame startup, +1 on block. Good poke.
2B A low crouching kick. 9 frame startup, +2 on block. Must be blocked low.
2C A heavy upward slash. 13 frame startup, -18 on block.
3C A crouching low sword slash. 9 frame startup, -16 on block. Must be blocked low.
4C Fast, long range poke Can be used in air.
j.A A midair jab. 7 frame startup.
j.B A jumping kick. 10 frame startup. Good cross-up.
j.C A huge downward-arcing sword slash. 14 frame startup. Good for jumping in.
j.2C Hakumen tilts his sword downward and swings it slightly forward. 11 frame startup. Bounces Hakumen slightly upward upon hit/block.
5D Hakumen grabs his opponent and slams them on the ground behind him. 7 frame startup, 12 active frames; unblockable. Causes opponent to ground bounce. Grants one magatama if the counter connects.
6D Hakumen pushes his opponent; they spin and fall to the ground. 1 frame startup, 7 active frames; unblockable. Grants no magatama.
2D Hakumen extends his foot and slams his opponent on the ground behind him. 1 frame startup, 7 active frames; unblockable. Grants one magatama if the counter connects.
j.D Hakumen backflips and tosses his opponent into the air. 1 frame startup, 9 active frames; unblockable. Grants one magatama if the counter connects.
236A (1 star) Guren Quick sword handle attack. Wall-bounces airborne opponents.
214B (2 stars) Renka Stylish two-hit brushstroke attack. The first hit must be blocked low.
41236C (3 stars) Zantetsu Very strong two-hit sword slash. First hit must be blocked high, second hit must be blocked low.
623A (1 stars) Kishuu Fast dash forward. Upper-body invincibility.
A after Kishuu (1 star) Enma A follow-up punch after Kishuu. Launches opponent upward on hit.
j.214B (2 stars) Hotaru One-hit brushstroke attack. Resets jump status. Can be tiger-kneed or cancelled into from a ground dash. Grounded attack (must be barrier blocked if airborne). Frames 1-14 invincible.
j.214C (3 stars) Tsubaki Aerial sword spin. Overhead. Can be tiger-kneed or cancelled into from a ground dash.
Distortion Drives
632146C (4 stars) Kokuujin: Shippu A chargeable slash distortion. The slash can hit and the projectile wave can hit, but not both. When fully charged the sword hit is unblockable.
236236D (4 stars) Kokuujin: Yukikaze A counter distortion that can counter physical attacks and projectiles, but not grabs. Guards high and mid. Is unblockable and only escapable with a super-jump if activated via projectile. A faster version comes out if the counter is activated on the first possible frame.
214214B (8 stars) Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen Increases damage of all special moves by 20%, as well as removing their star cost. Begins rapidly draining Hakumen's meter upon activation; duration lasts until Hakumen's meter is completely empty.
Astral Finish
Charge2 8D (8 stars) Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu (Retribution: Perish Evil) An Astral Finish counter that can be set off by physical attacks and grabs (including command grabs), but not projectiles. After countering the set-off attack, Hakumen proceeds to slash his opponent numerous times with huge black ink blots filling up the screen (symbolizing a slash resulting in a bloody wound). Although Hakumen and his opponent do not necessarily move during this attack, we do see the blackened silhouettes of the two combatants as this attack takes place. Guards high, mid, and low. Only available in "Console" mode, thus not tournament legal. Can also be set off by certain character's own Astral Heats, such as Ragna, Jin, Tager, and Taokaka.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic Strategy Edit

Blazblue is a game that favors characters that can zone, rushdown, or both. Unfortunately for Hakumen, he is not capable of doing any of these. Most matches played as Hakumen will start with him turtling (as he needs to build meter), and then from there progress into a game of punishing the opponent as soon as they leave an opening.

The upside to this? Hakumen does a TON of damage; so when you break in, you can punish most characters for anywhere from a quarter to two thirds of their life (depending on how much meter you have, whether you landed a CH, etc).

One important thing to note that's uniquely available to Hakumen is his ability to cancel nearly all of his special moves on hit or block with another special move. This is essential for learning his combos and also gives him several frame traps.

Essentials to learning Hakumen:

  • Learn your normals.
  • Learn the properties of your normals on counterhit.
  • Learn to Instant Block > Counter.  Since instant block removes 5 frames of block stun from an blocked attack, and most of Hakumen's counters have only 1 frame of startup, you can create gaps in an opponent's offense.  If your opponent is doing a predictable string, instant block an attack, then 6D or 2D their next attack.  This forces your opponent to not only respect Hakumen's counters but also rethink their pressure.
  • Learn to combo from D counters.
  • Learn IAD combos.
  • Learn j2C loop and its setups.  Most j2C combos are meter efficient and good damage.
  • Learn (and be cautious with) throw combos. 
  • Learn 5C>Zantetsu combos (or at least 6B>Zantetsu combos).
  • Learn (and be cautious with) jump in move>throw combos.
  • Learn Hop specials and overheads into combos.  This includes learning frame traps with dash-cancelled Hotaru and high-low mixups with dash-cancelled Tsubaki.
  • Learn (and be cautious with) auto-guarding projectiles by slashing them with Hakumen's C attacks.  Successfully auto-guarding a projectile grants Hakumen a free magatama.  Unfortunately, this causes Hakumen to be stuck in hit stop, allowing for free counter hit combos in some cases.  Only auto-guard projectiles when it's safe to do so and be on the lookout for counter hit bait.
  • Learn to be efficient with meter.  A good rule of thumb is to try to get at least 1k worth of damage from each star used in a combo.  Try to conserve meter for combos.
  • Learn frame traps.

Combos Edit

Basic ground combos:

6C (CH) > 6C (0 stars)

6C > 632146C (4 stars)

2A > 214B (one hit) > 623A~A > jc Falling j.C > 2C > sjc.j2C > (additional j.2C if in corner) > Air Dash > j.2C (additional j.2C if in corner) > j.C > optional j.214C (7 stars, 4 if followup is omitted)

Basic throw combo:

Throw > 236A > 6C (1 star)

Throw > 236A > 623A > 2C > jc j.2C > Air Dash > j.2C (2 stars)

Basic Drive combos:

5D > 6C > 632146C (4 stars)

2D > 6C > 632146C (4 stars)

5D > j.C > j.214B > dj.C > j.214C (5 stars)

6D > 5C > 236A > 6C (1 star)

Basic OTG combo:

5C > 41236C > 3C (3 stars)

5C > 214B (1 hit) > 623A~A > Falling j.C > 2C > jc j.2C > Air Dash > j.2C (4 stars)

j.2C Loop Setups:

5C -> 623A~A -> Falling j.C -> land -> 2C -> j.2C -> Air dash -> j.2C (xN) (2 stars)

214B (2) -> 2C -> j.2C -> Falling j.C -> 2C -> j.2C -> Air dash -> j.2C (xN) (2 stars)

41236C -> 2C -> j.2C -> Falling j.C -> 2C -> j.2C -> Air dash -> j.2C (xN) (3 stars)

6B -> 236A -> 2C -> j.2C -> Falling j.C -> 2C -> j.2C -> Air dash -> j.2C (xN) (1 star)

Corner combos:

Throw > delay 623A~A > Falling j.C > 2C > sjc j.2C > j.2C > Air Dash > j.2C > j.2C  (2 stars)

5C > 214B (1 hit) > 41236C > 5C > 41236C > 3C (8 stars)

Advanced Analysis Edit

He's a pretty cool guy.

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