Bang Shishigami
Bang Shishigami image
Bang Shishigami
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue
Catchphrase I Am The Protector Of Love and Justice!
Weapon Nails,Epic Manliness and a Epic Theme Song
Gender Extreme Male
Race Human
Organization Ikaruga Union
Origins Ikaruga
Tier Transcends tiers


A Ninja-turned-super-hero, Bang has dedicated his life to exterminating evil and overturning injustice wherever he goes. He fights with his fists, and by throwing nails with special properties. He also carries a giant nail around on his back, which is used in his Astral Finish.

Bang is extremely mobile, with both a double air dash and a double jump (although he can only use one extra dash or one extra jump at a time). He can also hang nails in the air and dash off of them in any of eight directions. This is a "free" dash and does not otherwise count towards his limit.

In addition to being extremely mobile, Bang is very tough. He has 12000 health, the second most in the game (after Tager, who has 13000). Finally, he has a stock of 12 nails he can use as projectiles during the course of each round (see his move list, below, for specifics).

Bang's weaknesses are two-fold: his combos generally do little damage compared to other members of the cast, and his normals are generally lacking in both range and priority. These weaknesses make him fairly hard to play. However, the low damage of his combos is mitigated by an excellent pressure game, and his weak normals are boosted by his excellent mobility. And of course, his trump card: a Burning Heart that never gives in to evil, and a fiery dedication to his own brand of justice!

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5 A
No damage proration
2 A
60%(?) damage proration
6 A
Can be jump cancelled on block
5 B
Fast, good poke
2 B
Slow, causes a large amount of hit-stun
6 B
Knocks down, must be RC'ed for a combo
5 C
Can be jump cancelled on block
6 C
Whiffs on most standing characters, used in juggles
2 C
Prorates damage (80%?), can't jump cancel on block
3 C
Knocks down. Must be RC'ed for combo. Not safe on block.
j. A
Fastest air move
j. B
Always kicks towards opponent (left / right)
j. C
Ground slams airborne opponents when close to the ground
j. 4C
Backwards facing version of j.C
5 D
Guard point high / low. Gains 1 Mark on hit
6 D
Guard point low and mid. Gains 1 Mark on hit
2 D
Guard point high and mid. Gains 1 Mark on hit
Guard point high and mid. Gains 1 Mark on hit
j. 236 A Poison Nail 30 degree angle, Poisons on hit, immediate air dash available
j. 236 B Exploding Nail 45 degree angle, bounces vertically and explodes after hit
j. 236 C Web Nail 60 degree angle, causes enemy to become stuck on hit
j. 236 D Drive Nails One nail at each angle, all nails bounce, immediate air dash available
623 C Command Grab Command throw, also in the air
623 B Twin Palm Strike Wall bounces, also in the air
214 A,B,C,D Hanging Nail Places a nail in the air that Bang can dash off of
A,B,C Teleport Press button during guard point to teleport. Distance varies with button pressed
Distortion Drives
2363214 C Kassatsu Dai Funka Dash super, useful in combos
214214 B Arashi Wazawai Jin (Steel Rain) Consumes all nails, duration depends on nails consumed
214214 D Fu-rin-ka-zan! Requires four Marks, see below for details
Astral Finish
6321463214 D The Ultimate Bang! Gigantic Burning Fist of Justice!
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic Strategy Edit

Bang is a pure rush-down character who lives and dies on his mixup. Getting in close can be hard, but he is extremely mobile and fairly tough, both of which give you some lee-way. His combos can all be ended with a reset back into his pressure game, which is very difficult to escape. The trick, of course, is getting in to set it up in the first place.

When you hit the opponent with j.C close to the ground, they are slammed down into the ground, and any tech attempt becomes a neutral tech. This leaves them right next to Bang, and gives him the option of high, low, or throw as they recover (see FOLLOW UPS, below). Each of these options leads into a juggle into low j.C, which resets the whole situation, and gives him another chance at a FOLLOW UP combo. Bang can continue this pressure game until they either guess right or are dead.

But even if they block correctly, Bang is not out of options. By jump cancelling into instant-air drive nails (2369D), Bang can keep the opponent locked down and the pressure on. After the nails, Bang can dash back in and link 5A-5B-2B. This entire string combos, including the nails (there is no gap!), which means the opponent must Dead Angle or Instant Block if they want to escape. If you hit with any of it, you can go into combo. If it's all blocked, you can cancel back into nails again, or go for a crossup. Alternately, you can go for another high, low, or throw guessing game instead.

Combos Edit

Some of the combos below can be extended by using a double jump for slightly more damage. However, it is not generally a good idea to do so. You want to hit with j.C low to the ground, so the opponent is forced to neutral tech from the ground slam.


The combos in this section all start with 2A-5B-2B. This can be hit confirmed; either follow through with the combo (if it hits), or cancel into 2369D -> dash back in to keep the pressure on (if they blocked).

1500 Damage
2A-5B-2B-2C-6D xx 623B

  • Works on everyone
  • Works from everywhere
  • Don't try to combo after 623B, go for mixup instead

1750 Damage
2A-5B-2B xx 623B, dashing 5A-5B, j.A-C

  • Works on everyone
  • Works from both midscreen AND when the opponent is cornered

1950 Damage
2A-5B-2B xx 623B, dashing 5B-2B, j.B-C

  • Works on everyone but Carl (hard on Rachel and Taokaka)
  • Only works from midscreen

2050 Damage
2A-5B-2B xx 623B, dashing 5B-2B-6C-j.C

  • Works on Tager, Jin, Ragna, and Hakumen only
  • Only works from midscreen


After you land one of the Bread & Butter combos above, or else force them to block your drive nails, you can go for one of these combos as a follow up. If the combo hits, you get the damage listed (plus the damage from the BnB). If the combo is blocked, you still get to keep the pressure on!

2800 Damage - Low
6A xx 2369D, dash 5A-5B-2B-2C-2D, jc j.B-C

  • Works on everyone in the corner
  • Do 6D xx 623B mid screen instead

2600 Damage - High
5C xx 2369D, dash 5A-5B-2B-2C-2D, jc j.B-C

  • Works on everyone in the corner
  • Do 6D xx 623B mid screen instead

2600 Damage - Throw
623C, let first hit connect, RC after second hit, walk backwards, j.D, 2B-6C-j.C

  • Works on everyone


Bang's highest damage combos are set up off a counterhit 2D. If you have meter, you can take off half of someone's health, but plus get the chance for another mixup afterwards!

3300 Damage
2D, J.D, 2B xx 623B, dashing 2B-6C, j.C

  • Ends with ground slam for free 50/50 mixup
  • Works on everyone but Carl
  • Use 2D, J.D, 2A-5B, j.A-C instead

4500 Damage
2D, j.D, 2B xx 623B, 2363214C

  • You can combo 5A afterwards, but nothing else. Not worth it because it lets them tech immediately.
  • Bang's highest damage combo
  • Requires 50% heat.
  • Works on everyone but Carl.

2D, j.D, 2B, 623B, 2B, 623B, 2363214C

  • Only on Ragna, Tager, Hakumen

Advanced Analysis Edit

Prepare for unlimited manliness (And godly, hard to control speed) when you activate super mode AKA " Fu-rin-ka-zan!"

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